• In today’s conversation, Chelsey is joined by Maddie Mackey, a Certified Trauma Coach, Yoga Therapist and Non Profit Founder.  Maddie is a goddess, woman, mother, and priestess. She is a certified yoga teacher, trauma recovery guide, business activist, relationship and sexual empowerment coach.

    In this episode we chat about:

    • Your experiences are your medicine
    • Noticing mirrors in client work and your relationships
    • Showing up online with vulnerability
    • Diffusing ‘what people think’ and showing up as yourself
    • Moving from a personal rock-bottom to the work she does now
    • Trying ‘everything under the sun’ on the healing journey
    • Using our own healing to then help our client’s healing
    • Moving through negative energy
    • Recognising when your inner child is experiencing big emotions
    • Being gentle with yourself
    • Asking yourself if you’re happy with your life

    And so much more, enjoy!

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