In today’s conversation, Chelsey is joined by Kristin Fraser, founder of Inner Glow Getter.

Plant Based Chef and Founder of Inner Glow Getter, Kristin uses her culinary and nutritional background to support people who struggle to stay on track with their health, get the nourishment they crave. She trained at New York’s finest plant based culinary school, The Natural Gourmet Institute, focusing on food and healing, worked at the renowned Pure Food and Wine and launched her own plant based menu in Dubai with Essentially Juice Co. Paired with her Living Foods Instructor certification from the Tree of Life, she’s worked with people all over the globe to help them get their “glow back” through cooking classes, retreats and step by step coaching programs offered online.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Kristin’s background and why she created Inner Glow Getter
  • Her journey from Alberta to New York to Dubai and beyond!
  • Kristin’s stories of how to feel like a billionaire
  • Kristin’s experience of magic unfolding & an example of a ‘journey of the soul’
  • Creating space as an important part of manifestation
  • The power of ‘speaking your reality’ and how to ‘feel it first’

And so much more, enjoy!

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