In today’s conversation, Chelsey is joined by Elise McDowell, a money mindset and manifestation coach and founder of House of Brazen.

Elise is a Money Mindset Queen who is here to help business women manifest more health, wealth and happiness starting from the inside. If you want to develop a wealth mindset, create passive income and make 6-Figures in 2020, Elise McDowell has us covered.

In this episode we chat about:

  • From visiting a psychic to following the pull of Mama Bali
  • Intentional & consistent action leading to a high vibe life
  • Practices for maintaining a high vibe
  • Honoring your work and honoring your connection with your ideas & your higher self
  • Reframing your energetic connection with money
  • Pushing & forcing versus acting from alignment
  • Money mindset = working with your underlying beliefs
  • Doing things because it feels good
  • Being in flow and playing with the universe

And so much more, enjoy!

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