Are you focusing on your strengths? Or on “fixing” (aka wishing you were better at) the things that don’t come easily to you?⁣

This came up on the group coaching call yesterday for my course Permission To Be and tbh it was a bit of a punch in the face (in the best way possible).⁣

Because I sooo do this.⁣

I think we all have do. Until we learn a better way.⁣

We want things done, we want them done “right” (which usually means by ourselves, at least if you’re a bit type A like me), and we want them done right now.⁣

So instead of taking the time to map out what needs to be done so we can FIND SOMEONE ELSE to do the things for us, we end up spinning our wheels.⁣

Tinkering in Canva.⁣

Fiddling with the website.⁣

Trying to set up the sales funnel.⁣

But if it’s not flowing, it’s taking time away from YOU being in your flow.⁣

And that’s where your magic is.⁣

So the more time you spend out of your magic (trying to do shit you hate and/or you know you’re not that good at in the first place)…⁣

The less time you’re actually doing what you were put here to do.⁣

I’m gonna leave this here as a drop of wisdom for you, but I’m pretty sure I just wrote this because it’s what I needed to hear myself. 😆⁣

Love you.⁣


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