Here are my current offerings:

Personalized Manifestation Meditation

A custom-made 15-minute guided meditation to align with the frequency of your future self.

You tell me about your desires & the vision you see for yourself. I record a personalized meditation you can use to assist in your manifestation.

$77 CAD

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Soul Expansion Session

A guided process where you’ll anchor in the frequency of your next level.

This session puts the law of attraction and quantum theory into practice, by helping you to FEEL what it will be like when you “get there”.

(Hint: There is no “getting there”. It’s about activating the frequency so your intuition can kick in and show you how to allow it to show up.)

$111 CAD

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Soul Expansion Follow-On Support

If after your session you’d like additional support to integrate the work we do, there are 2 options for follow-on support:

Soul Expansion Integration

Private Voxer (text & audio messenger) support whenever you need it.

An opportunity to activate deeper layers of growth and upleveling after your session.

You: message me with anything relevant to our work (with an idea, a question, or to celebrate what you manifest now that you’re a match to your next level 😉)

Me: I’ll respond Monday to Friday with my insight, ideas & downloads to support you.

$111 CAD/week


Soul Expansion Experience

4 weeks
4 x 30-min sessions
Private Voxer (text + audio messenger) support Monday to Friday for the month

$888 CAD
Contact me following your Soul Expansion session if you’d like to take part in this additional support.


Looking for community as well? Here’s how you can work with me in a group setting:


BAD Bitch Mastermind

This monthly membership group is for the women with big dreams. (BAD = Big Ass Dreams).

Current pricing is $35 per month (which you’ll lock in for life if you join now) and includes access to the following:

• Exclusive live trainings on growth, spirituality, mindset & manifestation.

• Monthly members-only group coaching via zoom. Bring an issue or an idea you’d like to workshop and get 1:1 time with me during the call.

• A growing library of mini-courses (the latest addition is Soul on Speed Dial: Access more clarity, calm & creativity through journaling)

• The BAD Bitch Book Club (Currently reading: Rich As F*ck by Amanda Frances. Our book club party is at 6pm MST on Monday March 29th)

Plus a community of #badbitches to celebrate and cheer you on as you bring your big dreams to life.

Founding Member’s Rate: $35 CAD/month

Click here for full details and the link to join


If you’ve got any questions I’d be happy to help. Send me a message on FB if you’d like more info!



Hi lovely, I’m Chelsey. 

As a writer, mentor, and host of the “And The Net Appeared” podcast, I mix spiritual tools, intuitive guidance, and personal development to help women reclaim their power and share their gifts with the world.

I’m here for the lightworkers, the change-makers, and the people who are here to do good in the world.

I trust in miracles and divine timing, and I know if you’re here reading this our paths were meant to cross for a reason.