High Vibe Leader – Part 1

>> What high vibe *really* means to you

>> Uncovering YOUR truth amidst endless external noise

>> How to tune in and trust your body’s wisdom + inner guidance

>> Working with feminine and masculine energies

>> Asking for help from your spirit guides, source energy and non-physical teachers


High Vibe Leader Part 2

>> The #1 thing that’s going to help you gain confidence in your message and your work

>> How to overcome your fear of showing up online FULLY as you

>> What to do when you feel like a fraud because you don’t have it all figured out yet

>> Why your life experience + unique perspective makes your work necessary to get into the world

>> How to set boundaries with people who are preventing you from showing up authentically online

High Vibe Leader – Part 3 

>> What to do when you feel stuck and how to clear energy and re-write limiting beliefs

>> How a fear of success is keeping you stuck (without you even realizing it)

>> Working with your subconscious mind to bring about change and manifest your desires

>> How to become an energetic match to manifest + receive your desires

>> The most powerful tool I know to shift ANY limiting belief

High Vibe Leader – Part 4

>> Working with the emotional guidance scale and knowing the only requirement to re-writing a belief is that it feels better

>> Where you are on the energetic “radio dial” determines what will show up for you

>> Thinking + feeling from the end. Living as if your desire is manifested. SO THAT you can become a match and call it in.

>> Why you want to hold the vibration of your desire manifested for at least 17 seconds

>> What it means to hold the faith and lock in your desire until you see it in your 3D reality

High Vibe Leader – Part 5

>> Accessing your inner guidance + unravelling your truth from the noise of the world

>> Asking for + following your divine guidance (knowing that it’s alllllways available to you)

>> Clearing blocks that prevent you from feeling safe to show up as YOU

>> Moving past bs beliefs and fears that are keeping you from stepping into the next level of growth

>> Embodying who you KNOW you’re mean to be, creating space for transformation, and becoming magnetic to your soulmate clients