Uplevelling something fierce over here lately.

I haven’t been crazy active on social media the past couple weeks but OMG have I been creating some magic behind the scenes.

Super excited to finally be able to bring you up to speed!

While I’ve been building a foundation again since re-launching my business, I’ve been working with my biz coach Stephanie Sutherland who has been by my side since my body image coaching days.

In once of our sessions lately we had a conversation around my new growth strategy. She asked me a question that, to be quite honest, I can’t stand answering. I may have bit her head off when she asked…

“What results have you gotten that you can help others achieve?”

Ugh. The reason I hate this question is because I have a hard time answering it.

The things others might see as “results” in my business and life are the things I take for granted.

It’s “just the way I do things, and it works” 🤷🏻‍♀️

But in reality, the way I do things (and therefore the results I get) are different to how the majority of people live their lives.

After talking about it for a bit (and apologizing for mildly losing my shit 😆)… it became clear:

One thing I consistently do over and over is…

Leap and trust the net will appear.

From quitting a highly paid job in corporate health care to become a health coach.

Following through on my life long goal of going to Bikram yoga teacher training.

(Which then allowed me to teach yoga while transitioning to my biz full time).

Leaving a “good but not great” relationship.

Moving to Bali on a one-way flight (and living there for over a year).

Resigning from my steady marketing job to allow space to focus on my soul’s work (aka my current biz)

Each of these leaps has deepened my trust that things are ALWAYS working in my favour.

And because I have that belief, I am always supported.

The universe responds to my confident expectation to always be supported, and supported I am. Often in the most expansive ways – far better than what I could have imagined.

The feeling of co-creating with the universe on this level is orgasmic.

From this conversation with my coach, an idea was born.

And, in the universe’s true nature, it is evolving beyond my wildest dreams.

Since leaping and the net appearing is such a foundational piece of my work, the plan we came up with was for me to interview a handful of women to share their story in an ebook.

I posted in a FB group, asking if anyone would be open to being interviewed.

And the response was insane.

In a matter of days, I had 15 women eager to share their stories of leaping and the net appearing.

They were reaching out to me left, right and centre, saying “I can’t wait to be on your podcast”

Podcast this, podcast that.

I was like… It’s not a podcast..?

Until it clicked.

I was leaving the grocery store and I glanced at my phone to see the 4th person message me and refer to it as a podcast.

I stopped in my tracks, chills down my spine, and I realized…

Holy fuck.

I’m meant to turn this into a podcast.

So, as I do, I followed that guidance and have been hard at work since creating a podcast!!!

“And The Net Appeared” is the name, and it will be released soon with a whole bunch of content for you to dive into on spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts. (Today I recorded the 7th episode!!)

My intention is to show you as much evidence as I can gather of women leaping, and the net appearing. I want to show you that it IS safe to follow your desire for something more. More fulfilling, more aligned, more expansive, more energizing.

You CAN have it all.

Yes your friends and family might think you’re crazy – but that’s exactly why I want to create a space for you to return to over and over and keep your faith strong as you step up into living your potential.

I’m SO excited about this, and OMG it feels good to finally share this with you.

Stay tuned for more soon!




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