Intuition is an inside job.

It’s something that must be accessed within you, and then tended to with your attention.

It’s always there, always available to you, always leading you in the right direction.

It’s not about building your intuition. It’s about re-connecting to the eternal inner guidance that’s always been there for you.

In this Masterclass I’m going to share how I’ve deepened this connection within myself, tuned in and turned on my own intuition, so I always know the right moves to make, and self-doubt has become a thing of the past.

The answers are always there for you.

I’m going to show you how to tap into them so you Always Know What To Do.

You in?

The 60-min Masterclass will be held live inside a private Facebook group on Monday, March 15 at 3pm MST.

You’ll have Lifetime access and there will be a recording if you can’t make it live.

Price is $45 CAD (approx $35 USD)



Hi lovely, I’m Chelsey. 

As a writer, mentor, and host of the “And The Net Appeared” podcast, I mix spiritual tools, intuitive guidance, and personal development to help women reclaim their power and share their gifts with the world.

I’m here for the lightworkers, the change-makers, and the people who are here to do good in the world.

I trust in miracles and divine timing, and I know if you’re here reading this our paths were meant to cross for a reason.