14 day immersion. Inside a FB group. With live trainings, VIP group coaching, plus the option to upgrade to 1:1 support with me.

Look, we both know you have something the world needs.

But if your content can’t cut through the noise of social media, NO ONE can find you.

Not even the people you’ve ALREADY agreed to work with in this lifetime.

(Yes I believe you’ve already signed an energetic agreement to show up and give them the help they need)

These people are sitting there, scrolling through other people’s content.

But NONE of it is landing because it’s not from YOU.

And they’re looking for YOU.

In all of your messy, imperfect, human glory.

But you’re nowhere to be found.

Because either:

Your content is too boring to cut through the noise and make them feel anything in the first place.

Or you’re too afraid to start showing up online at all.

That has to stop, love.

We NEED to get you out there in a bigger way.

It’s time you grew your online presence in a way that MAGNETIZES your soulmate clients to you.


Being magnetic is about creating a genuine connection.

Showing up and letting your message speak for itself.

Lean back.

Give value.

Create intrigue.

In other words…

Become Magnetic AF and let your people come to you.

Think of it like dating. Chasing the guy never gets you what you want.

Chill out.

Step back into your power.

And let them decide for themselves that they want you (or in this case, to work with you).

When you come into my world we’re going to talk about:

Letting your energy be FELT through the screen.

Tapping into divine inspiration and unleashing your message into the world.

Aligning with the YOU that you’re becoming so you can step into your next level NOW



>> You’ve got an online presence already, maybe you post once or twice a week – but you’re not getting the engagement you’d love to have


>> You show up and share what’s “safe” (and maybe what you’ve already built a brand around) but you’re ready to unleash your truth and let people see the REAL you


>> You’re just starting out and the ins and outs of growing your online presence is intimidating the f*ck out of you. What to post, and where?


Personal profile or business page?

Should I start from scratch or start posting to all my high school friends?

What do I even talk about?

And what about pictures? (Do I need to hire a photographer?)

What if people judge me?

We’re gonna unpack allll of this (and so much more) in Magnetic AF.

In our 14 days together, you’ll receive daily content from me. Live videos, audio, pdfs, journal prompts.

To get your OWNING your online presence so your soulmate clients can find you, fall in love with you, and PAY you for being Unapologetically YOU on the Internet.



I’m giving you my BEST content around building an online presence:

>> Creating a killer first impression when people land on your profile so they know they MUST follow you

>> How to know exactly what to say when people ask what you do

>> What it takes to show up unapologetically in your written (and video) content online

>> How to get yourself visible (and Magnetic AF) on the internet so your soulmate clients flock to you like seagulls to hot chips at the beach

>> Getting out of your head when your fear of judgement kicks in and tries to override the cool shit you’re here to share with the world

(Again, your people have been WAITING LONG ENOUGH. Let’s do this already)

This is not a strategy based, one-size-fits all approach.

If that’s your jam, this may be where we part ways.

Because what’s ACTUALLY going to make you magnetic online (and bring in the big bucks as you make a massive impact in the world)

Is YOU being ALL OF YOU and letting people into your world online.

By the end of our 14 days together you’re going to be so fucking confident in your OWN intuition and inner guidance, that you may never need another course again.

Because your inner marketing genius has always been there. (Not to mention your non-physical support team who were probably the ones who sent you to this page in the first place)

It’s not about me telling you what to do, it’s about you owning your MF power and unleashing your unapologetic you-ness on the internet.

From that place, you become MAGNETIC AF – and your soulmate clients can find you, fall in love with you, and pay you.



5 years into my coaching business I hit a wall.

I was powering through.

I had my strategy down pat.

My soul?

Not so much.

Yes I was doing all the things.

But I wasn’t BEing who I needed to be.

I wasn’t being me.

At least not all of me.

It’s so clear now, after taking a year away from my biz.

I wasn’t doing the inner work.

(The only work that ever matters)

I was showing up. But I was afraid to be seen.

I ended up hitting a wall and stepping away from my business because no matter how hard I worked I was MISERABLE.

Not to mention my online presence was boring AF because I was so uninspired.

Early 2020 I relaunched my business, and The perspective I gained after a year away from my biz has been priceless.

There’s no room to play a persona anymore.

Not when you know you’re doing your soul’s work.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that:

the more you show up as ALL of you the more magnetic you become.

To clients, ideas, money, men.

Partly because you’re letting yourself be seen (and giving people the chance to build the know like + trust factor).

But really it’s because you’re saying YES to being who you came here to be.

And the energy around that…

is Magnetic AF.

I want that for you, love.

You ready?




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Once you’ve signed up you can request to join the course FB group and I’ll let you in:

Love from past clients

“I don’t even have words for the impact Chelsey has made in my business and life! Before I met her I was at a crossroads. I was ready to take things to the next level but realized I wasn’t thinking big enough and I was engaging in some self-sabotaging mistakes.

Chelsey was able to use her expertise to not only get my mindset back on track, but to provide a clear strategic plan to get there. I’m now celebrating the most profitable 6-months EVER and I have Chelsey to thank!”

-Jessica D.

“I had serious doubts about accomplishing my goals and dreams. I was literally flailing and overcome with anxiety all the time. But O.M.G. I’ve never met someone so supportive and encouraging.

Chelsey pointed out to me exactly where my limiting beliefs were and showed me what was keeping me stuck. She has a natural ability for coaching and showing you a new perspective that aligns with what you want to achieve.”

Brandi B.

“Before working with Chelsey, I was confused and completely overwhelmed. I had an idea for an online course but I had no idea how to get it up and running. Chelsey made it super simple and broke it down for me step-by-step.

I’m so glad I invested in my business by working with her, otherwise I’d still be sitting around thinking about this idea instead of actually bringing it to life. I highly recommend anyone to work with Chelsey. She’s an absolute miracle worker!”

– Sophia L.

“Chelsey, thanks so much for an enlightening session today. The universe works fast. I just got a call from a client asking me to help her create illustrated/designed-up quotes from the book she’s written. And I’m going to be working with her on polishing the content.

It’s about bringing spirituality and the soul’s journey into the light. I am so excited and so is she. Wow! I’m just 100% grateful & excited! Thanks again – what you’re doing is indeed your calling.”

– Amanda


Chelsey Benzel is a master of conscious leadership for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. As a writer, mentor, and host of the “And The Net Appeared” podcast, she mixes spiritual tools, intuitive guidance, and personal development (with a sprinkling of business strategy) to help conscious leaders get their work into the world in a big way.

With her faith in the non-physical, she’s here with the message that when you leap the net will always appear. If you know you’re here to spark a movement of awakening, growth, and spiritual expansion… Chelsey is your girl.