As BAD Bitches, we’ve got big dreams.

(B.A.D. = Big Ass Dreams)

We’re here to live extraordinary lives.

We’re here to break generational patterns.

We know that through us thriving and achieving our wildest dreams, the world becomes a better place.

As we do the inner work required to grow, the energy around us shifts. And as our energy shifts, expands, and evolves so does the world around us.

We know that money is simply a tool, a neutral resource, an amplifier of who we really are. And we will never apologize for wanting lots of it.

We’re here to do good, to make our mark, and to have a positive impact on the people around us.

We know that to manifest our the life we’ve always wanted, the most important thing is the frequency we vibe at.

Doors are currently closed.

If you’d like to know when I open them next reach out at


Do I need to have a business to join?

Nope – the only requirement to join is that you’re committed to bringing your big dreams to life. If that involves building a business, great. But it’s not a requirement in order to join.

Along with mindset, manifestation and spiritual development, there will be some content around online presence, social media and other biz related topics. If you are looking to grow in those areas you’ll def find the support you’re looking for in the mastermind.

Can men join?

At this time the BAD Bitch Mastermind is for those who identify as women only.

How do I access the mastermind?

Everything will be held inside a private group on Facebook, aside from group calls which will be run via Zoom, and livestreamed into the Facebook group.

Can I access everything from my phone?

You bet. If you have Facebook on your phone, you’re set. Everything will be accessible inside the course Facebook group, and group calls can be accessed via the Zoom app on your phone.

How much time should I invest in this per week?

It all depends on how much you want to get out of it. There will be 1-2 hours of new content each week, plus any time you spend engaging, asking questions, and commenting on others’ posts in the group.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply log into PayPal and unsubscribe, then remove yourself from the group.


Hey! I’m Chelsey Benzel, master of conscious leadership for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

As a writer, mentor, and host of the “And The Net Appeared” podcast, I mix spiritual tools, intuitive guidance, and personal development (with a sprinkling of business strategy) to help BAD Bitches bring their big dreams to life.

I’m here for the lightworkers, the change-makers, and the people who are here to do good in the world.

If you know you’ve got Big Ass Dreams to bring to life, then I’m your girl.


“I don’t even have words for the impact Chelsey has made in my business and life! Before I met her I was at a crossroads. I was ready to take things to the next level but realized I wasn’t thinking big enough and I was engaging in some self-sabotaging mistakes.

Chelsey was able to use her expertise to not only get my mindset back on track, but to provide a clear strategic plan to get there. I’m now celebrating the most profitable 6-months EVER and I have Chelsey to thank!”

– Jessica D.

“I had serious doubts about accomplishing my goals and dreams. I was literally flailing and overcome with anxiety all the time. But O.M.G. I’ve never met someone so supportive and encouraging.

Chelsey pointed out to me exactly where my limiting beliefs were and showed me what was keeping me stuck. She has a natural ability for coaching and showing you a new perspective that aligns with what you want to achieve.”

– Brandi B.

“Before working with Chelsey, I was confused and completely overwhelmed. I had an idea for an online course but I had no idea how to get it up and running. Chelsey made it super simple and broke it down for me step-by-step.

I’m so glad I invested in my business by working with her, otherwise I’d still be sitting around thinking about this idea instead of actually bringing it to life. I highly recommend anyone to work with Chelsey. She’s an absolute miracle worker!”

– Sophia L.

“Chelsey, thanks so much for an enlightening session today. The universe works fast. I just got a call from a client asking me to help her create illustrated/designed-up quotes from the book she’s written. And I’m going to be working with her on polishing the content.

It’s about bringing spirituality and the soul’s journey into the light. I am so excited and so is she. Wow! I’m just 100% grateful & excited! Thanks again – what you’re doing is indeed your calling.”

– Amanda