Come meet my soul sister Natalie Williams, an Austin Texas based podcast host, storyteller & status quo disruptor. 

Through her podcast, Tell Me Everything, Natalie uses the power of storytelling & vulnerability to connect others to heal from the shame they carry and live their most fully self expressed lives. Natalie’s main mission in life is to help 20 something year olds rediscover who they are and take brave action towards a more authentic, passionate, life by design.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to keep showing up even when you don’t get the feedback you expect.
  • The personal growth that comes from being visible online.
  • How sharing vulnerable secrets takes away their shame, and gives us back our power.
  • Finding freedom through sensual dance, orgasmic meditation, and radical honesty in modern dating.
  • Declaring your desires and speaking your truth in life and in relationships.

And so much more. Enjoy!

Connect with Natalie:

Connect with Chelsey:

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Hi lovely, I’m Chelsey.

As a mentor, artist, and host of the “And The Net Appeared” podcast, I mix spiritual tools, intuitive guidance, and personal development to help women reclaim their power and share their gifts with the world.

I’m here for the lightworkers, the change-makers, and the people who are here to do good in the world.

I trust in miracles and divine timing, and I know if you’re here reading this our paths were meant to cross for a reason.

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