Highly Seen + Highly Paid

A 3-Month Private Coaching Container with Chelsey Benzel

Are you a coach, healer, or spiritual entrepreneur ready to shine more of your light on the world?


Now more than ever, we need all hands on deck. If you feel the pull to share more around the spiritual stuff you love, to create content to elevate the consciousness on the planet, and to receive boatloads of cash in exchange for the value your work provides…

Then consider this an invitation into my 1:1 coaching container.

I’m here to help you step TF up into your authentic expression on the internet, and help you get Highly Seen + Highly Paid by the people you were put here to serve.

During our time together you’ll…


Clear blocks around your message — go from not loving your niche to content rolling out effortlessly b/c you’re fully aligned and excited to talk about what you do. (so much so that writing content and showing up online becomes something you can’t NOT do. It’s an extension of your soul’s work)

Get visible AF — without fucking with your nervous system. I’ll show you how to protect and fortify your energy so showing up online doesn’t drain you of your life force. (We need you vibrant and spiritually nourished so you can be all you were put here to be).

Raise your self worth — so you can actually get behind the content and the offers you’re called to share in the world. Showing up online is vulnerable (especially if you’re sharing the type of raw realness that’s going to cut through the noise and let people get to know you). Let’s get you to a place where you can own the value of what you’re here to put out into the world.


As my private client, you’ll gain clarity and personalized support around the… Spiritual, Energetic, AND the Practical:


Together we’ll outline your marketing boundaries (what you want to and feel comfortable sharing, what gets to stay private).

We’ll craft a unique-to-you plan to get your content, your offers, your essence, out into the world in a way that *actually* lands with the RIGHT people. (There’s a lot of noise out there, let’s make sure your stuff gets seen).

I’ll teach you how to (consistently) charge your content energetically so it lands with the people your stuff is actually meant for so it cuts through the noise of all the other BS online and they can FEEL you (and know you’re the coach for them).

You’ll get my go-to journal prompts and daily mindset tune-ups to start your day off on the most aligned, pleasure-filled, and focused vibe. BEing comes first and foremost (this is a core tenet of everything I teach). Together we’ll craft a series of practices you can consistently use to raise your vibration and magnetize the clients, clarity, and cash you desire.

Plus you’ll master the art of protecting yourself from taking on other people’s energetic shit online. Let’s be honest, the more polarizing your content is, the better. That’s how the right people know you’re for them. It’s also how assholes that don’t resonate get triggered. We don’t have time for you to get tripped up on this. I’m going to give you my proven tools to protect your energy so any negativity rolls off your back and you can keep showing up for the people you’re here to serve.


And of course…

Let’s get you Highly Paid.


(Because you being broke doesn’t serve ANYONE).

You’re not here to work for free. Money is energy. It’s a universal means to exchange value.

As a neutral resource as natural as air and water, money is something you were born worthy of.

The fact that you do important fucking work in the world means you should be compensated MUCH more than you probably are right now.

It’s within your reach…You just have some blocks that are preventing more money from showing up for you.

It’s time to heal your unprocessed money wounds that are keeping you blocked (and broke), and create space to receive cash money for the work you do. Doing this work around money means radically owning that you are WORTHY of receiving money in exchange for the value your work provides.


Repeat after me: I am paid to be me.


That is exactly what you’re about to step into during our time together (and beyond). By clearing out any of the old, outdated, no-longer-in-alignment pieces of your biz and mindset (think: sleazy marketing strategy, sales scripts, and anything rooted in hustle mentality)…

You’ll create space for your unique brand of magic to actually be FELT on the internet.

So you can call in the clients that feel like your best friends and are ready to PAY YOU and do the work to get the results you know you can get them.


Ready to get Highly Seen + Highly Paid?


Working with me 1:1 you’ll get…

  • 3 months of weekly 60-min calls tailored specifically to the marketing + visibility plan we’ve laid out for you (plus to work through any and all blocks that are keeping you from shining your light fully)
  • Unlimited whatsapp support via text + voice notes whenever you need a little extra help throughout the week (I’m all yours M-F during business hours)
  • Help with any of your copy: content, social media posts, sales pages, you name it (I’m a word witch – I’ll wave my wand over anything you’ve written and leave it 100x better while still sounding like you)
  • Free access to any program I offer during our time working together
  • Lifetime access to client-only resources

This coaching container is the highest level and most intimate program I offer. I am only available to work with you if you are ready to step up, are willing to do the work, and are open to look at your existing patterns that have kept you stuck – so you can rise TF up into your potential.

You’re here because you know you can’t not do this work. Your soul has been asking you to show up in a bigger way for a loooong time. If you’re ready to step up and do what it takes, I’d love to work with you.

If you’re not ready, then this is not for you.