About the Soul Expansion Session:

This private 60-minute session is a guided process where you’ll anchor in the frequency of your next level.

Think of it as a mix of energy healing and manifestation work all rolled into one.

We’ll put the law of attraction and quantum theory into practice, by helping you to FEEL what it will be like when you “get there”.

(Hint: There is no “getting there”. It’s about activating the frequency so your intuition can kick in and show you how to allow it to show up.)


Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet on zoom where I’ll hold space for you to paint the picture of your next level.
We’ll shine the light on any resistance or funky beliefs worth addressing, so you can carve a clear the path to where you’re heading.
Often just becoming aware of it is enough to shift it, but I’ll share some tools and perspectives to help you release any limiting beliefs as they pop up.
Towards the end of your session I’ll walk you through a guided meditation to activate and embody exactly what you’re manifesting.
This will help you to attune to the frequency of your future self, and to call in the intuition to become her.
Your meditation will be recorded and is yours to keep following your session.
The price for this session is $225 cad.
There is the option to continue with ongoing support (details below) but this is completely optional, and only if it feels like a yes for us both.

Book your Soul Expansion Session here:


Book your Soul Expansion Session here:

Integration support following your session

If after your session you’d like additional support to integrate the work we do, there are 2 options for follow-on support:

Soul Expansion Integration

Private Voxer (text & audio messenger) support whenever you need it.

An opportunity to activate deeper layers of growth and upleveling after your session.

You: message me with anything relevant to our work (with an idea, a question, or to celebrate what you manifest now that you’re a match to your next level 😉)

Me: I’ll respond Monday to Friday with my insight, ideas & downloads to support you.

$111 CAD/week 

No minimum commitment, cancel anytime.


Soul Expansion Experience

4 weeks
4 x 30-min sessions
Private Voxer (text + audio messenger) support Monday to Friday for the month

$888 CAD
Contact me following your session if you’d like to take part in this additional support.

Here’s what people have to say:


I had the pleasure to be held in the incredibly loving and sincere energy of Chelsey and her Soul expansion session recently.

Oh my gosh. There aren’t words to really describe the experience, although we of course spoke many words.

But I felt so inspired, so uplifted and so loved within the energy Chelsey brought to our session which is more potent than any words she could have spoken to me.

She reflected back to me exactly what I needed, holding the mirror up to my own wisdom.

She guided me through a meditation to feel into my next level self and naturally I saw how the rooms in my house needed to be different for her to unfurl. I saw the new couch I needed, the cosy nooks I needed to create.

Literally a day later I found the perfect couch exactly as I envisioned it extremely, jaw droppingly cheap at a secondhand shop.

I love Chelsey, and you will too. 🥰

Kirra Rose

Astrologer, Writer, Creatrix, Teacher, Wild Kirra Rose

I loved that session so much being able to connect with my higher self.

The meditation was magic. Receiving the inner guidance to drop the fear, the fear needs to go, there is no need to fear…wow so powerful.

I love that you changed my mindset, to think what can go right! Instead of all the things that “could” go wrong.

What a beautiful person you are inside and out Chelsey, and what a gift you have. Thank you so much for this magic session

Bree Amber

Mental Health Advocate


Hi lovely, I’m Chelsey. 

As a writer, mentor, and host of the “And The Net Appeared” podcast, I mix spiritual tools, intuitive guidance, and personal development to help women reclaim their power and share their gifts with the world.

I’m here for the lightworkers, the change-makers, and the people who are here to do good in the world.

I trust in miracles and divine timing, and I know if you’re here reading this our paths were meant to cross for a reason.